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HF Committee Newsletter

No. 55, July 2003
by Carine Ramon - ON7LX


55.1 The HF Managers Handbook.
The updated version of the handbook is now available. It will be send out to all of you (as a zip file) in a separated mail.
On the IARU Region 1 website you can find the old version for the time being. The EC is working hard to renew the Region 1 website, but we all know that this will take a little time.

55.2 WRC 2003.
After many years of preparation the conference is starting in a few days, from 9 June till the 4th of July in Geneva.
We all looking forward with great expectation to agenda Item 1.23 regarding the 7 MHz band realignment.
The latest good news here is that the United Nations encourage support for all proposals to allocate a global harmonized band of 300 kHz to the amateur radio service. The UN gives preference to Method A, followed by Method D or B as possible alternatives.
As soon there is more information, youíll be informed.

55.3 Freebanding.
Freebanding is radio piracy !

Freebanding is basically Ďout of bandí operation in the 27 MHz CB region. Freebanding represents all frequencies below, in-between and above the internationally recognized standard 40 channel allocation for CB. This means from 26 MHz to 28 MHz. They are using all modes.

It seems that freebanders are even more active than official hams. They go to rare places where amateurs can not go. After all, freebanders do not care about bureaucratic formalities and official authorities.
They do not need a license or a landing permission.

They mirror many of our activities. They have associations, DX awards, IOTA, they collect QSL cards and go on Dxpeditions.

Why should Freebanding concern us ?

More and more official Ham Dxpeditions operate also on 11 meters. Freebanders are welcome to join Amateur Radio Dxpeditions. Those expeditions are very expensive and all money seems to be welcome.

The equipment manufacturers see a new market opening up. It is even reported that Icom France is sponsoring freeband activity. Perhaps other manufacturers are as well.

We can look at it as a product of our time. Regulations are out of fashion. Everything must be available for everybody. Even in our ham world we follow that rule without really notice. The exams must be easy! Away with the CW test!

But freebanding is illegal. That is the ethical and moral fact. Radio amateurs who join an Dxpedition that allows freebanding do agree with illegal activities.

Can it (should it) be stopped ?

Give me your opinion!

55.4 Ham Radio 2003.
As usual, Iíll be in Friedrichshafen this year and I am looking forward to meet many of you there. This year there will be no official meeting but I am sure that we will have the occasion to exchanging ideas.

55.5 Power Line Technology : HF bands under fire!
The evolution of PLT technology should concern us all. Indeed, if we donít act know it will be a very serious threat to the future of our hobby.

Therefore I want to draw your attention to the fantastic work of the EUROCOM and the EMC working group. Make sure you receive the information.

Read the EUROCOM Newsletter form 02/02/2003 that you can find on the IARU website at .

Join their meeting in Friedrichhafen on Saturday afternoon 28th June 2003 at 14:00 in the Seehotel. The agenda of this meeting can be found at .

55.6 CT freeware.
On the website of Ken, K1EA at you can find in the Breaking News following message: ďAs of today, Iím making CT freeware. That doesnít mean Iím stopping work on CT, just that I donít want money for it anymore. I have changed the permissions on ctvault to let anyone download. The manual is being converted to PDF format, and Iíll updating it over the next few months.Ē

55.7 IARU HF Contest.
The contest start on Saturday 12 July 2003 at 12:00 UTC till Sunday 13 July 12:00 UTC. Try to contact as many other amateurs worldwide as possible and especially IARU member society HQ stations on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

Best 73 de
Carine Ramon - ON7LX